The Spirit of King Alfred

My postcard contains two images. The first one being on the back. I found this walkway above the Powell Campus center to be very serene in the early mornings when students are in class. I took this while recording my sounds, but this place did not suit what I was looking for.


The second photo I took in front of the King Alfred statue that sits to the right of the main entrance of Powell Campus Center. I had a thought: He has been standing here for years, watching the students pass by, tolerating the undergarments they place upon his head, and dealing with the occasional snowballs thrown or stuck to him.


This audio clip is about the spirit of King Alfred that still lives in the statue on Alfred University campus. As I recorded the daily students walking by the statue, they went about their daily lives. Talking, playing music,whispering, throwing garments upon his head while laughing, unaware of the demon that lives inside of King Alfred, groaning and still breathing in his stone state. Most students casually may touch or tap on the statue, this is what awakens him. One day, he will escape his stone prison and terrorize the students of Alfred. 

My Audio:


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