Matthew Seed

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Matthew Seed, a photographer who grew up around horses all of his life, developed a passion for riding horses and capturing their beauty and strength when he received his first camera at a young age. Starting his photography classes at the age of 17, he spent many hours playing with lighting, angles and many other forms of editing. He has many photographs that hang in museums and his services are widely called upon for smaller jobs such as portraits to larger scale equestrian shows where he captures these animals in motion. 

Besides the fact that I just admire horses as I have grown up with them as well, I admire Seed’s photographic style he applies to his work. Being a painter, I have never had much experience with taking photographs and editing them. I was always referencing photos when painting them but going off of an idea that I had in my head of what I wanted it to look like. I always fancied photographs and paintings that were crisp, sharp, and had very defined lines due to the high level of contrast. Almost each any every photo Seed has in his gallery, the horse is emerging from the darkness and only the highlights of the muscles and the bone structure are visible as everything else smooths into a dark gradient. 

I feel like I could learn a lot from this artist, especially in the way that he plays with lighting. I would like to learn how to manipulate these settings without having to go and edit it through a program like Photoshop or have to change the overall scene as I have always done with drawings and paintings. I fell in love with the lighting Seed applies in his photos: from the heavenly, yet stormy, skies that seem to almost drift over the horses creating a soft background to a very sharp main object to the emotion he captures in each individual animal. 



The quote that I chose to display on my sign, I chose for two reasons. 

1.) I am guilty of spending a good deal of money on visual or mechanical accessories on my truck, not as much as my education, but I feel as if some Alfred State students may have come close to that. 

2.) I attended a school full of rednecks. Plain and simple. Where I come from, at least 80% of the parking lot was filled with trucks. Whenever my art teacher could get the chance, he would ask one of us kids, “Have you spend more on your pick-up truck than your education?” 


American Red Star Relief

The form of historical public address that I chose was The American’s RED STAR Animal Relief program titled: Help Him to Help U.S.

This program begin on May 22, 1916, when the Secretary of War invited the American Humane Society and the Red Cross to colaborate together to prepare and organize a relief program used for animals in the United States Army, specifically the horse. Thus came the American Red Star Relief program. 
Beginning as a veterinary corps before this was organized, it’s sole purpose was to train individuals to care for horses injured during the war as well as care for those who were currently serving in the war. Below is one of the few posters left from the organization showing a man saying good-bye to his lifelong and trustworthy companion. 


Lieutenant L. Flemming of France wrote this banter shortly after the organization was formed coming to us as a call to civilization to do its duty by the animals whose kind were silent heroes of the war.

When the shells are bursting round, 
Making craters in the ground,
And the rifle fire’s something awful cruel, 
When you ‘ear them in the night
(My Gawd! it makes you fight!)
An’ yer thinks of them poor souls agoing ‘ome, 
When you ‘ear the Sergeant shout
“Get y ‘r respirators out,”
Then you looks and sees a cloud of something white.
The gas is coming on
An’ yer knows before it’s gone
That the ‘orse wots with you now won’t be by then;
Yer loves him like yer wife
An’ yer wants to save ‘is life,
But there ain’t no respirators, not for them.
I was standing by ‘is side
On the night my old ‘orse died,
An’ I shan’t forget ‘is looks towards the last.
‘E is choking mighty bad,
An’ is eyes was looking mad,
An’ I seed that–‘e–was dying–dying fast.
An’ I want to tell yer ‘ow 
It’s the ‘orses gets us through,
For they strains their blooming ‘earts out when they’re pressed.
We was galloping like ‘ell
When a bullet ‘its old Bill,
I c’d see the blood a-streaming down ‘is face, 
It ‘ad got ‘im in the ‘ead, 
But ‘e stuck to it and led 
Till we comes to ”Action right,” 
An’ then ‘e fell.
I ‘adn’t time to choose 
I ‘ad to cut ‘im loose,
For ‘e’d done all ‘e c’d afore a gun. 
When I looks at ‘im again 
‘E was out of all ‘is pain,
An’ I ‘opes ‘is soul will rest for wot ‘e done. 
If it ‘adn’t been for Bill 
We should all ‘ave been in ‘ell,
For we only got in action just in time. 
Ain’t it once occurred to you 
Wot the ‘orses there go through?
They ‘elps to win our fight an’ does it fine.
When ‘is blood is flowing ‘ot 
From a wound what ‘e’s just got
An’ ‘is breath is coming ‘ard an’ short an’ thin.
‘E can see the men about, 
Getting water dealed out,
But not a drop is brought to comfort ‘im; 
Tho ‘is tongue is parched and dry, 
‘E can see the water by, 
But ‘is wounds are left to bleed, 
An’ ‘e can’t tell us ‘is need, 
So ‘e’s just got to bear ‘is pain–an’ think.
There are ‘eroes big and small, 
But the biggest of them all
Is the ‘orse wot lays a–dying on the ground.
‘E doesn’t cause no wars,
An’ ‘e’s only fighting yours,
An’ ‘e gives ‘is life for you without a sound.
‘E doesn’t get no pay,
Just some oats, and p’r’aps some hay;
If ‘e’s killed, no one thinks a bit of ‘im
“E’s just as brave an’ good
As any men wot ever stood,
But there’s mighty little though or ‘elp for ‘im.

This is the poster that I created to represent this organization. Instead of the older logos used in war times for the organizations, I updated them to the newer graphics and gave the poster a modern feel to it. 



After reading Flemming’s banter a few times, I wanted to write my own as well to go with this poster. 

These horses that stand tall
strong and brave in war
go through hell and back just for us
’till they cant no more

the clouds of gas
the aimed guns to fire
the trenches, injuries
and barbed wire

the cannons blasting
the sounds of death
they muster up strength
to fight ’till their last breath

the bullets ringing
and the still full silence
pushing through
the hardest fence

the commander screaming over
the storming of the troops
holding all your weapons
in their saddle loops

in the midst of rain and storm
through all of the chaos
he still chugs along
even if all is lost

he will go into battle
meet your enemy head on
he could fall along with you
and both of you are gone

theses horses endure it all
the shots and the burns
what he chases at the end of the day
is your love he yearns

these horses that stand tall
strong and brave in war
go through hell and back just for us
’till they cant no more



Foundations Parking Police



We are the Foundations Parking Police.

Mission Statement: Our goal is to demonstrate specific improper parking situations on a college campus and to document vehicle owner’s reactions to the Parking Violation “tickets” that we will place on the windshields on improper parkers. We will dress in black as we patrol the McLane parking lot and place these tickets on those vehicles. We are aiming to make people more considerate of other drivers because your carelessness and inability to park correctly could become an inconvenience for another person. Seeing as college campus’s have very limited parking in the first place, parking within your lines and out of the way of others could make a difference for the other person, as well as whether you will have to pay a legitimate fine or not. 

Many tickets that we placed on vehicles we left hoping that they would read through the violation on the back and think about how they have parked. Here is an example of one of our tickets that we were placing on those who participated in “asshole parking”. 




We went around the McLane parking lot placing these tickets on vehicles that we felt were parked improperly. 



However, not everyone who received a ticket was given a warning. Those who parked well were rewarded with a green tickets and a piece of candy. Those who parked within their lines, gave enough room for others and took consideration in other people were rewarded. 



Unable to confront anyone directly about their tickets, we were faced with some rather negative reactions from those who received our tickets. We waited for an hour for people  to come out to their cars but in that time only two people came out and their reactions were negative and shocked. One person threw the ticket on the ground after crumpling it, The other took it and handed it to the passenger to read while looking angry and annoyed and drove of quickly. So we may have not been able to reinforce all of our parking regulations, but hopefully someone took it into consideration instead of throwing it on the ground. 



We were able to find many vehicles who were parking improperly. Whether it be parking outside of the lines, crooked, or just not in a parking space at all!



It can be clearly seen that this poor parker was not parked correctly within his/her lines.

ImageThis parker avoided parking in the lines as well, and in a very crooked manner at that! Rest assured, he was ticketed. 



Another parker taking advantage of the extra space he was give, taking up two spaces with could have gone to another parker. 



This parker believed that they could leave their vehicle in an area which clearly dictates, “No Parking Any Time”. 



This may have been by far our worst example for a parker. Not only did they block off others who could easily have pulled out or backed out, but they were not even in a space! They just threw their vehicle in this area and left, hopefully they were welcomed with a ticket when they came back. 



This poor parker decided that they could take up two-three spots with their vehicle by parking horizontally in vertical parking spaces. Shame on them! 



Now that the McLane loop is off limits to all vehicles, we felt that these two vehicles needed a little warning ticket so they were aware of this for the next time. Image


We were not the only law enforcement that were patrolling the McLane lot! In some cases, Campus PD was able to get to the vehicles before we even could! We still ticketed them, hoping that two would be enough to shake them into reality. 

So there you have it! The Foundations Parking Police have reached their goal, we have made people aware of their good or bad parking habits. Although everyone had different reactions, hopefully they took these “tickets” into considerations for the next time they park. No one likes an “asshole parker!”


Twitter Feed: Country Music Quotes

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My Twitter feed that I chose was the feed “Country Music Quotes”.

I chose to do these as stickers because I felt that people would be able to individually look at them much easier than if they were just in a brochure or some other form of advertisement. 

I also chose these tweets because I love country music, and I was easily able to match a font and a picture with each tweet (which was a snip it of a song).


The Spirit of King Alfred

My postcard contains two images. The first one being on the back. I found this walkway above the Powell Campus center to be very serene in the early mornings when students are in class. I took this while recording my sounds, but this place did not suit what I was looking for.


The second photo I took in front of the King Alfred statue that sits to the right of the main entrance of Powell Campus Center. I had a thought: He has been standing here for years, watching the students pass by, tolerating the undergarments they place upon his head, and dealing with the occasional snowballs thrown or stuck to him.


This audio clip is about the spirit of King Alfred that still lives in the statue on Alfred University campus. As I recorded the daily students walking by the statue, they went about their daily lives. Talking, playing music,whispering, throwing garments upon his head while laughing, unaware of the demon that lives inside of King Alfred, groaning and still breathing in his stone state. Most students casually may touch or tap on the statue, this is what awakens him. One day, he will escape his stone prison and terrorize the students of Alfred. 

My Audio: